Upcoming Events




The Painted Turtle Camp needs Boys blankets.

Cookbooks are now only $5!

Upcoming events for Winter 2011:

- February 23rd-

Festival of the Arts
11am - 2pm (Doors open at 10:30)
St.Dunstan's Church
6656 Park Ridge Blvd.
Tickets: $15

- February 26 th -

La Mesa WC 4th Annual Bridge, Bunco &
Luncheon Card Party
10am, $20
Play card or game of choice
50/50 and Auction
5220 Wilson St.
La Mesa, CA 92142


Upcoming events for Fall 2009:

- September 14th -

Adopt a Street - 9 am - @ the corner of Greenfield and Main in El Cajon

- September 15th -

Drop baked goods off with Mary Gabaldon

- September 16th -

We are hostesses at the District Meeting

- September 18th -

Bring Garage Sale items and help set up at Carole Sue's at 2 pm.

- September 19th -

Garage Sale at Carole Sue's, Set up at 6:30 am, begins at 7 am to 1 pm.

- September 29th -

Tea Meeting at Mary Gabaldon's at 1 pm.

- October 1st-

Domestic Violence Walk at 9am.

Deadline for Fundraising Basket donations (Drawing in Dec.)

- October 17th-

District Fashion Show ($25)

- October 24th-

Area D in Rancho Cucamonga

- November 1st-

Membership Dues ($30) are Due


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